The Intention of Jesus The Christ

Jesus the Christ did not suffer for us nor sacrifice himself. Nor does He expect that from us. He planted a seed in our hearts so that we can become independent, free and responsible people.

We do not need an auto-pilot or an automatic operating system that lets our conciousness sleep, but we need to awaken and become self determining. Our soul needs to be steered by our inner light, balance and love to awaken our actions and conciousness.

He does not want us to suffer!

He came to help us on the path towards divine love, because we could not see. He gave us awakening, but we wanted to carry on sleeping. We did not want to get up and have ignored his sacrifice. We thought we could insure our place in paradice when we sacrificed our self. By thinking in this way, we have fallen asleep again, and rejected our responsibilies.

That was never the intention of Jesus: He wants to make the blind see and the deaf hear. He wants us to awaken.

To understand that we no longer need to earn a place in paradice, because we already have one.

We come from paradice. It is the light in us, out of which we are created, that wants to reveal itself here on earth.

We need to become aware of this. And stand in love, in inner balance, in order to be able to reconnect.

We need to free ourselves of all missunder-standings and learn to trust in the divine love.

The death on the cross was not a punishment for the Christ – that is only our interpretation.

He came to the darkness in order to open the door to the light. We no longer need to do that, He already did that for us, and we may now pass through the open door. God never abandoned his Son, just as He will never leave us. He is our origin, our light and love and lives within us.

The Christ-consciousness is this love and it came to reveal it to mankind. It is now time that we let the seed grow in our hearts. And begin to see what amazing beings we are. We all ARE connected by divine love.

We do not want to condem people or things that distract us, neither we are egoists by avoiding them. The good and the bad can brings us out of balance and it always depends upon the harmony between both.

Harmonie is present when our intentions are clear and come from the heart.

Through self sacrifice we learn nothing. We only feed our own self suffering. We do not become aware of our huge diversity. In the prayer Our Father we say ‘forgive us our trespasses’.

The only trespass is that we fall out of our divine balance. That is the core of insight: balance.

Rest, sleep or a walk in nature are possibilities to regain our inner balance. Natures richness of colour and energy serves as a mirror of the soul. In a conversation with Mother Nature and her beings can we restore and regenerate.

We can practice this every day in order to remain in harmony and maintain our inner balance. We must not do anything and can achieve everything. It is a big adventure. Every day. Every hour. Every minute revealing itself anew and inviting us to take part.

With every breath, in and out, we can experience the divine balance that is so important. All that we need, we recieve at the right moment, at the right place, in the right amount. That is also true for everyone around us.

When we knock, the the door is opened. Likewise, we open our door when knocked. We need not worry – the divine light in us is our guide.

We never recieve anything that we are not cabable of nor is anything kept away that we need for our growth and development.

We can only awaken this harmonious state in ourselves, when we have found the balance between our head and heart.

We are amazing, clear, sensitive and loving beings. And it is important that we become aware of this.

Through the recognition of our own inner light are we able to spread the light further.

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