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Unfold Yourself!

At times, life can be pretty confusing and then we can hardly understand mentally. We can’t see the situation clearly and don’t have a grasp on it. In those moments, through too much thinking, we create one thought labyrinth after another and often lose the common thread completely.

An exceptional challenge, especially during those times, is to relax and allow our rushed feeling water to cool down.

Of course, we want to understand everything and recognize the common ties; however no one has ever been able to see clearly through troubled water.

The best thing to do is to redirect our… Read the rest

The Flight of the Falcon

At the beginning of each new cycle, each new year, I take a look in which direction the energy will go and what lies ahead. With the help of astrology and my communication with Mother Earth, this is normally easy to do. 

There is no longer a thirst for knowledge in the old way.

Confidence in our own observation is big enough. Everything we need is available from the Universe and our telepathic abilities are expanding every day.

During the 12 Holy Nights (from December 25 to January 6) we received information about the new cycle. In line with our way of perceiving this spiritual food – it is offered to… Read the rest

The Intention of Jesus The Christ

Jesus the Christ did not suffer for us nor sacrifice himself. Nor does He expect that from us. He planted a seed in our hearts so that we can become independent, free and responsible people.

We do not need an auto-pilot or an automatic operating system that lets our conciousness sleep, but we need to awaken and become self determining. Our soul needs to be steered by our inner light, balance and love to awaken our actions and conciousness.

He does not want us to suffer!

He came to help us on the path towards divine love, because we could not see. He gave us awakening, but we wanted to carry on sleeping. We … Read the rest